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Sunday, December 9, 2012 ϟ 8:07 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious
Hye ! Asalamualaikum diberi ! Haha ! Korang yang baca ni sihat tak ? Dah makan ? Buat apa tu ? *SoalanBodohYangAkuTanya , Hehe . Ok la kita terus kan dengan tajuk kai hari ni , Korang yang tengah baca ni Usha-2 tak awek kat atas tu ? Lawa or Comel ? Pilih mana satu ? Hehe , Jangan tengok lama-2 tak ELOK ! Nanti ada hamba seorang ni jeles sampai 3 tahun , Hoho . Ok Lah , Korang nak tahu tak siapa kah pemilik budak Mata Panda Comel ni ? Dia ni ialah Aleena Annelis Binti Kamarulzaman *DahJanganTerbelitLidahNakMenyebut . Nanti dia merajuk susah nak pujuk taw , Nama pangilan manja dia senang and comel disebut iaitu " Elis " , Hoho kalau nak lagi comel " Elis Ramona " , #AmaranKeras ! Korang jangan nak cuba pikat dia , Aku sekeh sorang-2 ! Nak-2 ? Hehehohohaha ,  Joking Only Ok ! Ok lah Back To The Topic , Hmm , Elis ni lah kawan aku yang salah seorang yang selalu dengar cerita kai . Sedih , Happy , With my gf and family . Dia ni lah sorang kawan Kai paling suka kawan dengan dia , Dah lama Kai kawan dengan dia Dari Form 1 sampai lah Form 3 ni , Dia ni jelah Diary Kai yang manja , Suka merajuk dan Ciwek sikit , Huhu Bila Kai dalam semua masalah , Dia ni lah yang sorang-2 akan Ceramah kt Kai *MacamUstazahLahKonon , Haha dan lagi satu Kai dengan Elis ni perangai nak dekat sama dah , Dua-2 Cerewet kt kelas , Hoho ! *ApahalNakEjek ? Meh sini Kai cubit pipi korang sorang demi sorang , Nak !? Kalau dah kena jangan bagi taw Mama and Bapak pulak , Nanti habis kena serang macam Perang Ke-2 , Seraamm Kowt ! Hoho Tak Maw , Tak Maw ! HekHok ! Ok lah , Jari pon dah penat sekarang ni , Now Kai Nak Makan KFC dalam Peti Ais , Hoho Tak habis dari kedai bawak la balik , Lapar Weyh Malam-2 ! Ok Bubye reader ! Muuaahh Setepek !  Thank You !

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I Really Super Fucking Miss You
Saturday, December 8, 2012 ϟ 4:55 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious
I Miss You when something really good happens , Because you're the only one I want to share it with . I miss you when something is troubling in me , because you're  the only one who understands me so well . I miss you when I laugh and cry , because I know that you're the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear . I miss you all the time , but I miss you the most when I lay awake at night and think about all the wonderful times that we spent with each other for those were some of the best and most memorable times  of my  life .

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Doa Seorang Kawan ?
ϟ 3:54 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious
Hye Kawan-2 , Hari ni hari yang sangat menyedihkan bagi aku , Aku tak sangka kawan baik aku dari kenal dekat taman sampai sekarang rupa-2 nya dia seorang Talam Dua Muka dalam group aku . Macam Vavi kan ? Tapi tak apa lah , Aku ni Bukan jenis suka marah-2 sangat , Tapi yang lagi tak sangka dia doa kan aku dalam penerbangan aku nak balik Semenanjung , Dia doa kan aku kemalangan dalam penerbangan tu , HuH ! Nampak tak Babi kawan dengan Anjing jadi Babi Menganjing dengan aku , Thank A Lot Capital W , Tak sangka rupa2 nya kau macam ni dekat aku . Tapi tak apa lah , Aku harap kau happy dengan perbuatan kau tu , Ko kan suka aku mati , Hm Ok sampai sini jelah , Bubye Kawan-2 . Nak Makan . Huhu :')

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Everytime I look into your eyes.
Monday, April 30, 2012 ϟ 9:30 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious

Everytime I look into your eyes, I fall in love again, but I feel like I've known you since the dawn of time.
I'm never tire of looking at your pictures, reading your letters that you've written to me. All of these things keep me so happy and feeling so blessed that I have truly found the one person that I want to spend eternity with. You are the only person on earth that has ever been able to calm me down when I get worked up. Talking to you makes my day great.

I could have a crappy day at work, but at night when I get to talk and think of you, you lift my gloomy spirits. You never makes me feel like I can have a bad day, and that is so uplifting to me.

Like I say so many times, you're my Angel, sent from Heaven above to be my one and only. Your touch can excite me. When we are together, I wonder if you're really there, or did I just had a sweet dream.
Having this chance of dedication, I wish you'd find your truth happiness one day.
Your name will always be kept in my dairy. Wherever I am in life, no matter what happen, it'll never change.

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You've Changed My Life
ϟ 9:22 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious

Thanks for being there when I needed a shoulder to lean on, for patiently listening to my personal problems.  I just want you to know how happy am I to have you in my life and I thank God for that. Thank you for the love and the joy you bring. You've changed my life, .

You're the only girlfriend who gives my heart some excitement and thrills. When I'm with you I feel like I'm out of control! You taught me how to handle life seriously, you taught me how to solve my problems and to face it without any fear... when I'm with you, I feel no fear, not even a single one.

I know that when you say you love me and I admit that I've fallen for you, I know that I wouldn't shed any tears from now on. I love you and that's what I want you to bear in your mind, and it's for keeps.

Yours and only yours,

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I will Take Care For U onLy..
Saturday, April 7, 2012 ϟ 10:55 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious
I want to hold u hand & and walk a mile
dont want to miss u, even a while

Hug me for my worries to die
my tears to dry and
my lonliness to fly

It hurt me to know
how i sometimes can be selfish
wen it comes to u

I am geeting sentimental over u!
for god sake explain me why all these,

I miss u every moment of the day
i keep me awake just to listen
i keep me empty just for u to fill
i keep me alive just to see u

my morning miss u 
my evening seek u 
where were u all these years
why u weren there to wipe my tears

Fear of future is worse than pain of the past
still i bother the least,because u are there

Even second are to long to miss u
i want to hold u hand & walk a mile
don't want to miss u , even a while

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cousin aq yg paling garang.. >:D
Saturday, December 31, 2011 ϟ 8:11 AM ϟ 0 Greylicious

dia nie cousin aq yg paling garang lagi kejam .. hehe #janganmarah..hehe dia nie sbaya ngn kite..  dia nie an kt kg salu ske mnyakat aq..huh! sabor je lehh.. kdg2 guna ayt yg aq xsuke dgr kt tlinga..haha tapi bile dia salu bahan bahan dia jadi la perang mulut yg kurang dasyatt!! hehe tapi bile gadoh kdg2 aq mnyerah..kdg2 dia lak..haha sbab ktowg brtolak ansur..hehe #ansurlahsangat haha ok la nie je..xske tulis pnjg2 psl dia nnti dia marah,.hehe

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